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STOP Anxiety
END Stress
QUIT Overwhelm

Strategic Psychotherapy
& Clinical Hypnosis

“We are here to do more than simply make a client feel better.
We are here to teach a client how to handle difficulties more effectively NOW and IN THE FUTURE by reinforcing or developing skills.
We do this first with Neuro-Education.
And we then help our clients create the change they seek, faster, with Hypnosis” 

Beverley Unitt (DipHypPsych)
Strategic Psychotherapist
Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP Certifying Trainer
NLP Master Practitioner

Vaping/Smoking, Anxiety, Depression, Weight Issues, P.T.S.D.,
O.C.B., Primary Insomnia, Self Esteem Issues

We build our client’s skills with solution-focussed coaching.

Do you have the ability to make that ‘new thing’
you want, happen, and drop that ‘old thing’?

Do you know and have the steps to act – take
action and get on with it – even when you don’t
feel like it?

Do you know how to behave yourself out of a
problem you’ve behaved yourself into?

Strategic Psychotherapy

Doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t help you to live life better.
Doing nothing has consequences.
Staying ‘stuck’ is a hit to your self-confidence, and it’s a path to self-doubt.
Put simply…“If Nothing changes, then nothing changes”

Clinical Hypnosis

We explore HOW a problem happens for you, rather than WHY.
Your discovery coaching sessions are where you learn new replacement behaviour, and new solutions.

We then help you adopt the new way forward, faster.

NLP Certification

Perhaps you are ready to improve your communication skills,and your ability to effect positive change and growth…for yourself and others!
Educate yourself today.


  • Practioner of NLP
  • NLP Core Skills
  • Mindivation – An Introduction to NLP
  • PH +61 40208 9988

My Message to You

Myths & Understandings
Q: “Will I be asleep, unconscious or ‘out to it’, during Hypnosis?”

A: No. While many people report a state of
light to deep relaxation, you should be
conscious of anything said to you, and hear
every word your Therapist says to you, during
any session.

Q: “I’ve seen Hypnosis on the stage and on TV. Will you make me do things?”

A: Here’s the facts. Hypnotherapy is not
magical, and it is not mind control.
Nobody can make you do or say anything
against your will.

Q: “What does Hypnosis feel like? Will it feel weird?”

A: Our clients repeatedly describe their
Hypnotherapy session as a very pleasant
Many people have offered descriptions such as
“more relaxed”, “very peaceful”, “more alert”,
“very comfortable”, “more focussed”, “very
calming”, “a great feeling”

My Approach & Philosophy

With Strategic Hypnotherapy we explore HOW a problem happens for you, rather than WHY.
Your discovery coaching sessions are where you learn new replacement behaviour, and new solutions, and we then help you adopt the new way forward, faster, with hypnosis.
First, we have a conversation together where I can help identify the gaps that are preventing you from having a solution right now.
Through strategic questions I discover what really stops you.
When we dive into the HOW a problem occurs, either a process or a lack of steps is revealed.
I then educate you with new replacement strategies and techniques… a new ‘HOW TO’.
Your replacement options and behaviour choices can be embedded with Hypnosis. Doing this means it helps you to learn, adopt and apply your newly discovered solution – focussed thinking & behaviour even faster!

Beverley Unitt (DipHypPsych)

Beverley is a Mindset & Motivation Expert with decades of hands-on experience coaching a wide range of people to discover solutions to their problems, and professionally speaking at international conferences in 7 different countries….so far!

A qualified Certifier & Trainer of NLP, Beverley educates & certifies a variety of people to enhance their professional skills, with ‘LIVE’ NLP courses held multiple times per year.

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